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2082273_com_3028314931There’s nothing worse than waking up with a cup of coffee and noticing that you are one friend less in Facebook. It’s not the fact that a once trusted acquaintance has decided that you are not good enough to be associated with, or the fact that someone that only posts pictures of their food and bathroom mirror pics has decided that you’re chatter is not worth looking at. It’s the fact that you have to turn into Sherlock Holmes and try and find out who defriended you out of all of your existing friends.

There is a great browser extension that allows you to see who defriended you! It also will tell you who’s declined your friend invitations and uses Facebook Alerts to notify you. I’ve used Greasemonkey scripts like this in the past and they work very well, and I give this one two thumbs up.


  1. Click here to download the extension. It’s compatible with Chrome (which you should be using anyway), Firefox, Safari and Opera.
  2. When promoted click to install the extension .
  3. Once installed you will have to log/relog into Facebook. It should show a prompt about the Unfriend Finder extension. You should now have an option next to Accounts on the top toolbar that says “Unfriends”.

Keep in mind that this extension is not retroactive. So it won’t give you any information about people that have unfriended you in the past. It works from the minute it’s installed and on. Hope this saves you some time and frustration and feel free to comment below and let me know how you like it.


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