Must Listen: The Avett Brothers

I'm not sure how The Avett Brothers slipped under my radar for as long as they have, but regretfully they did. I was lucky to stumble upon one of their Youtube videos one day and was blown away. I immediate got their most recent album I and Love and You and listened to it four times through.

I watched more videos and quickly saw how amazing they are as live performers. All the fan reviews that I've read all state how great they are live and seeing them in concert is something that changes your life.

These guys are down to earth, and have a really good outlook on life and music which is definitely displayed in their lyrics of their songs. They sing and play with pure emotion and the lyrics are written so well that I can place a time period or event in my life to each one and see myself living the lyrics. Not many bands write that well and it's a pleasure listening to their songs until my iPod runs out of battery. Here are some of my favorite Avett Brothers videos, check them out and tell me that they are not amazing.


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