The King is Dead Reaches #1 in US

I'm not one to pay much attention to sales or Billboard charts, but once in a while I'll see a band that deserves recognition finally get it. Today The Decemberists hit the #1 spot on the Billboard top 200 list with The King is Dead, surging up with it's release day just a little over a week ago.

This album is quite amazing, and is really a palette cleanser. I heard the "First Listen" on NPR, after having been forced to listen to pop music on the radio at work that entire week, for 8 mind numbing hours, five days in a row. I'm sure you can image how welcomed this album was for me at that point. Those of us out there who live by music, and use it as a daily vitamin and anti-depressant know exactly what I mean. It's comparable to starving a pitbull for a week and throwing a huge t-bone at him, except in my case there was a bit more drooling at the mouth.

This album is rife with music that is thoughtfully crafted, well executed and littered with a ton of different influences. It's very campy, folky, and daresay country, while at times still having a good rock feel. There are many different influences that can be heard on the album from REM, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and The Soggy Bottom Boys. Just kidding on the last one. The instrument choices are very eclectic and set the stage with a natural sound which I absolutely fell in love with, (lots of harmonies, stings, accordions and harmonica melodies).

After the 5th listen to this album it reminds you that music can be easy, tell a great story and not involve synthesized instruments, auto-tuning and mind numbing beats. My favorite songs are below, and you can buy the album here. Please do, your musical soul with thank you.


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