Brave New World Redux

After watching this interview that Mike Wallace conducted in 1958 it's hard not to draw some staggering conclusions about our current society and the way things have developed over the course of a half century. Honestly, some things that were predicted by Huxley took my breath away. It really does become surreal as you watch it to think that this writer was so far ahead of his time, with profoundly prophetic ideas and such a firm grasp of his reality that he was able to catch a small glimpse into the future and perhaps into a reality that has not yet come to pass.  Watch the interview for yourself, and pay attention. There will be a quiz at then end. Not really.

Huxley makes some amazing points about possible overpopulation requiring bigger government involvement, the use of drugs to control the mass population, the use of propaganda to lay the foundation of controlling ideas. He also states that technology can be used as a distraction, and in the wrong hands can be used to obfuscate and confuse us with media and gadgets in the hopes that we won't pay attention to what is going on in the real world. This type of control he states is something that impedes us from focusing on things like our own productivity, creativity and education.

In a time where the US government is getting larger and are becoming entrenched in many more facets of our life than ever before, you start to appreciate what Huxley was getting at. When you realize that mind altering drugs are given to children and adults with much less abandon than 50 years ago, and that the pharmaceutical companies are getting government approval for all these drugs and have some of the strongest lobbyists in Washington, it starts to get alarming. And when you realize that we have become distracted and numbed by over stimulation with all the current technology at our disposal, ie. (1,000's of TV stations, social media addiction, reality TV, Internet addiction, smart phones), you have to take pause and wonder if what Aldous Huxley said is possible, or wonder if it has already begun.

If you're interested in reading more I highly recommend Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. It's an amazing piece of literature that everyone should read, whether you believe it or not.


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