10 Things That Can Improve Your Life

We as humans have figured out a lot of things. Space travel, dominance over wildlife, mapping the genetic code, how to pay bills and get by. But we tend to lose focus on things that can make us happier and healthier. Here are a few easy thing that you can do to improve your life right now.

1. Start Reading
We all read when we attend school, and it seems that once we get out we immediately stop and replace reading with television and movies. Reading stimulates the brain and changes how your brain works. Fiction, non-fiction, comic books, it doesn't matter which you choose it will help increase your vocabulary, creativity, and overall knowledge of things. Plus it's very relaxing and is a great way to unwind after a long day.

2. Listen to Other People
Unless you live in a cave you probably listen to other people all day long. But do you really listen or are you just hearing their words? Many people hear the first part of a sentence and immediately start working on their own response without really paying attention to what is said. Take time out to think about what they are saying, how they are feeling and what they may be getting at without telling you.

3. Get Healthy
You only have one body, and every doughnut that you eat, and every hour you sit on the couch takes it's toll. I wish I started doing something about this earlier in my life but I still am on the hunt for better health. Every day that we get older is an opportunity to get healthier. Improving your diet, exercising regularly and laughing more will make you healthier and add years and quality to your life.

4. Stop Watching the News
The news of today is not the news of yesteryear. The American media wants the highest ratings so it slams you with horrible stories, shocking headlines and dramatized content. It seems only to create divisions in classes, races and cultures. You have the internet, so research your own news. Listen to local radio for local news and keep all the negative stuff out of your life. You want to think about positive things and how you can improve the world and yourself.

5. Listen to Great Music
The way the radio stations are designed today is quite sad. In America there are a handful of radio companies that own all the radio stations across the country. They pick the songs that you hear and how often you hear it. There is amazing music out there for those willing to look for it. Hunt it down and you will be rewarded. Music calms the mind, body, and soul. Those that don't listen to music are missing inspiration, creativity, and piece of mind. Find something that you like and tell everyone about it!

6. Make Something
We live in a society based on mass produced goods. Go out and build something by yourself. Get a model, do a crafts project, make something out of wood, or do a DIY project. You'll get satisfaction from making something great from raw materials and it will last much longer than anything bought in a retail store.

7. Learn to Cook Well
There are few things as rewarding as cooking something delicious. You will impress friends and family and being able to make great meals at home will save you money and will expand your culinary tastes and knowledge.

8. Travel
You can't really know about your own country or culture until you've experienced someone else's. Going to different countries will open you up to a different appreciation that you can only have if you travel and see other cultures and how similar or different they may be to your own.

9. Take Great Photos
Pictures are so important and are many times overlooked until it's too late. Taking great pictures will give you the opportunity to catalog your life and allow people to get an intimate snapshot of how your life once was. Everyone can appreciate a great photo, especially children and grandchildren as they get older and look back at years gone by.

10. Write Everything Down
I'm known for having a fairly good memory and I attribute that to writing things down. It's proven that you will remember things more if you write them down, and it's a great way to keep track of thoughts, goals and cataloging things with a daily or weekly journal.


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